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Stylish DIY Acoustic Panels

It's no secret that I get a ton of views on my channel with my Acoustic Panel videos. There seems to be an insatiable appetite for those things out there. The first "official" I Don't Have a Band episode was my CHEAP & AWESOME DIY ACOUSTIC PANELS video. At the time of this blog, I'm fast approaching a million views on my channel for all of my panel build, placement and test videos. That's crazy! Well the time came to leverage this success and feed the demand for panel videos.

DIY Acoustic Panels 3.0
Stylish DIY Acoustic Panels!

I decided to try and do something different. Inspired by my recent DIY VOCAL BOOTH video I decided to make panels that don't require an outer fabric wrap. That's the part of the build I like the least. Wrapping fabric!! Using the acoustic tiles featured in that booth video, I designed a finished looking panel with a white MDF frame and the grid-looking tiles on the front. I also handled the inner insulation material differently. These panels are super-stylish and are great absorbers. Make sure to check out the build video so you can learn how to make aset for yourself.

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