Rockin' it Lonely

Hi, I'm Dan.  The self-proclaimed Lonely Rocker.


I'm a broadcast producer creating TV commercials by day and a fearless rocker at every other moment.  Plus, a husband and father.  Life is busy! I decided to fuse my passions and start creating the type of content I enjoy watching.  The Lonely Rocker Youtube channel was born.  It's slightly autobiographical.  I'm a self-sufficient producer with multiple technical and creative skills.  That keeps me quite busy in the TV and Digital Content world.  Musically, I play multiple instruments, produce, record and mix my own tracks in my growing home studio.  So, I can make it happen on my own whenever I need to.  My clients love it because I keep the costs down.  And I love it because I only have to rely on myself whether producing content or just having fun making music.  You really don't need a band to Rock & Roll!  Though I do love collaborations and enjoy jamming with friends whenever possible.


I set a goal to create the ultimate home musician resource with Youtube as the initial platform for those into home recording studios, guitars, music & recording gear, plugins and recording related software.  The Lonely Rocker presents content that entertains and educates.  As the channel grows, I continue to meet amazing companies around the world who are creating awesome products for beginners to pros.  And many of these have contributed to some great content for the channel


The Lonely Rocker now provides video production and content marketing services to the industry at large. And l continue to search for partners and sponsors looking to provide some value for the channel.  So have a look around, subscribe to my email list and Youtube Channel.  If you have a product or experience you think fits with the brand, please Contact Us. Thanks for rocking with me!

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