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Meet The Lonely Rocker

Hi, I'm Dan.  The self-proclaimed Lonely Rocker.


I'm a seasoned broadcast producer with over 2 decades of production and marketing experience.  What was missing was my love for creating music and producing content I actually enjoy.  So I stepped away from mind-numbing marketing campaigns to create the Lonely Rocker experience. What is the Lonely Rocker Experience you ask? I've been that kid.  I've played in bands.  I've recorded in studios.  I've gigged all over town.  And I've been purchasing music gear for as long as I have had a credit card. Now a 'seasoned' (ahem) adult with expendable income, I realized I represent a huge demographic in the gear industry.   

While the dream of becoming a rockstar never materialized, the love for making music never stopped. The joy of buying that next guitar, building a home studio and pursuing music production knowledge never left me.  I started the Lonely Rocker Youtube Channel purely for the love of music creation.  I soon realized I was part of a large community with many pursuing the very same passions.  So I decided to take it upon myself to share my experiences and as much knowledge as I could. With many years of branding experience and a passion for creating great content, I have created a place where a gear-hungry audience and brands can co-exist.  I produce high-quality content that sits apart from MANY other Youtube channels.


If you feel your brand belongs here or needs the Lonely Rocker creative touch, please CONTACT ME and I'd be happy to explore a collaboration or to help craft your next content experience.

Some featured brands:
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