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What viewers are saying on Youtube


Amazing job! Now I feel confident that I can build my own panels thanks to you!

-Terry Sennette

Bro I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for this clean and informative video.
I’ll follow every frame of it when I start doing my panels.


Best acoustic panel making video on the net. EXCELLENT!



Really well produced video got me sold on it will be perfect for my studio setup . I think I'll be in for this and a couple of extenders keep spreading the word dude.

-Rick Brown

Just ordered one bc of your video. I'm sooo sold! Great video man.

-RTP Sound

Great i am sold!



Poor nail was hit squarely on the head. Never knew what him. Well said. (Btw, was in tears of laughter at the wailing sheep and baby at the end. And the Windows crash. Hilarious and frightening simultaneously.)

-Allan Gildea 

Very entertaining. Loved the funny bits.😎

-Gerry Kaminsky

Seen Your post of this on Facebook. I Subscribed just now too God Bless & Cheers

-Kool Kat Recording Studios  

Watch the videos and join the discussions on my Youtube Channel

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