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An Unusual Gibson Guitar Model You Must See

I have one of those Rare Gibson Guitar Models from the Norlin Gibson Era that is not widely known about. I share some history about the guitar, the era and the sounds it makes.

Meet the Gibson Challenger 2. Released in 1983 near the tail end of the Gibson Norlin Era. This guitar was one of a few models that were part of the American Series. The Gibson Challenger 2 was part of a series that also included the Gibson Challenger 1 and Gibson Challenger 3. The Norlin Era saw Gibson making some strange decisions and pretty much all of the new models that surfaced during this time were quickly discontinued in favour of traditional models like the Les Paul, SG and ES Models. I can't speak for all of them but my Gibson Challenger has some charm. I customized it a bit and it has become a workhorse in my studio. Join me in this video for the tale of this strange Gibson guitar to see if it is something worth chasing down for yourself.

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