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Meet My Studio

Lonely Rocker is produced just north of Toronto, Canada in my home video and audio production studio that was initially setup to serve clients of my production business SPICE | DNå. It now does double duty serving as the backdrop and production facility for the Lonely Rocker YouTube channel as well as serving my production clients in Toronto and around the world.

Production Equipment

Cameras & Accessories - Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless DSLR with a selection of lenses, GoPros, Gimbals and motorized tabletop dolly

Lighting - Flat Panel LED Studio lighting, soft-boxes and creative LED accent lighting

Editing, Colour Correction and Visual Effects - DaVinci Resolve

Audio Recording and Mixing - Apple Logic Pro X, assortment of audio plugins and software

Graphic Production - Affinity Photo

Voice Over Booth

Assortment of guitars, basses, amplifiers and effect pedals

Amp Modeling - Fractal FM9 Turbo, Line 6 Helix, TONEX

Assortment of dynamic and condenser microphones

Mixing Desk - 24 Channel DAW Controller from Icon Pro Audio

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