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5 Reasons Why You Need a DAW Controller

Updated: Oct 12, 2019


Does Your Home Studio Need one?

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DAW Controller

A DAW controller is simply a hardware device that takes control of software functions.  It can control everything from faders and transport functions to Plugins and automation in your DAW.  Most are programmable and customizable to your workflow. Basically, think of it like a computer mouse but with a lot more buttons that gives you the tactile control of a real mixing console.

In the music videos on my channel I’mstanding up doing my best (or worst) imitation of a rockstar in a recording studio.  However, as we lonely home recording musicians know full well the actual pose we rock when recording is sitting at our desk within full reach of our computer and gear.  So with that in mind, here are my Top 5 Reasons why I feel a DAW controller would benefit any home studio.

Lonely Rocker

#5.  Convenience.  All the functions you need to record are right at your fingertips.  When you have a guitar in your hand a mouse can really be a clumsy way to navigate your DAW.  With a DAW controller you can activate your desired track right from the controller. You can engage your loop or cycle record area and you can easily play back and solo your track.  And of course your record and stop buttons are right in 

front of you. Less fumbling around keeps your attention on your performance.

#4 .  You can control multiple faders at once.  When you are starting your mix there is nothing better than grabbing real faders and whipping together a rough mix.  In the case with my Qcon Pro I’ve can manipulate 8 tracks at any given time. And I can easily bank left and right to create different groups of 8 tracks.  It’s so quick and easy to fly through your tracks and get a rough mix together quickly.

#3.  Your ears.  With a mouse we can’t help mixing with our eyes.  We are so conditioned to look at numerical values when setting levels.

Lonely Rocker
Hands on control.

#2  Your health.  It’s common for many who use a computer all day to develop physical issues from constant repetitive motion like using a mouse.  Even the best ergonomic devices keep your hand fixed in d plugin settings.  Some plugins have such amazing graphical interfaces we can’t help staring at them. With a DAW controller you can take control of a plugin by adjusting it’s parameters with the pots and faders.  You can ride a fader until the level sounds right. You can look away from the screen and let your ears make the decisions.

And the #1 reason to get a DAW controller in your studio is….

[DRUM ROLL]......................

IT LOOKS SO DAMN COOL!  I mean really. How can you call your setup a studio without some kind of mixer at the center of the action. OK, maybe this is not the best reason but hopefully my other points have given you some insight into the benefits of having a DAW controller in your studio. BTW.  It does look friggin' cool.  Just saying.

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