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The TONEX Pedal is here!

TONEX has taken the world by storm. It's a guitar amp modeling ecosystem that started on your computer and has now extended to a vey sexy looking pedal!

What is amazing about TONEX is you can jump into modeling your own amps (or your buddy's amp) for minimal extra gear. As long as you have a decent computer you just need a simple re-amping setup to get your amp into TONEX. And now you can take those sweet captures with you on the TONEX Pedal. These are hyper-realistic

sounding captures. While the player experience is not quite like a real amp, the end result for the listener is indiscernible from the real thing. Gigs? Recording Session? This is a game changer. I've covered the TONEX experience extensively on my Youtube Channel but this is about the pedal.

If you are already into TONEX, the pedal is the next chapter in the evolution of the platform. It gives you hands-on control of the tones you have already been using. You can tweak your sound in the physical world and then send the preset back to the desktop app and plugin. This opens up a whole new tone chasing workflow. I love real guitar amplifiers. I have been very slow to adopt any modeling platform. I played around with the HX Stomp but never purchased one. I've watched plenty of content on the Kemper, Quad Cortex, Axe FX and others. They just didn't appeal to me. Maybe the cost/return balance didn't work for me.

I received TONEX originally from IK Multimedia to review on my channel. Wether I would have jumped in otherwise is debatable. But here's the thing. After I reviewed it and then followed that up with a video on their TONEX Capture box, I kept using it. I receive a lot of gear and software to review on my channel. And I'm very careful only to review things that I actually like. That is a main part of my mission statement. But there is only so much time. TONEX stayed in rotation long after the video. And now the pedal. This is going to change the game in the amp world. The convenience of the pedal is undeniable. It sounds like the app, has extensive editing capabilities and you can take it anywhere. You can't model amps directly with the pedal. You can't build pedal chains with it. And it can't amplify itself. So these are considerations in comparison to other modeling products. But this is a pure guitar amp box. You can make all of your captures in your studio. Set up your presets and organize an inventory of killer amps. Marshall, ENGL, Dumble, Fender, Bogner, Orange, Mesa Boogie, Laney, Randall and others. Many ship with Tonex. Others can be modeled inexpensively. You can take ALL of these with you. It's quite incredible.

We now have choice. The TONEX Pedal is very unique in the marketplace. If you don't need the frills and expense and want to go straight to the amps, TONEX may jut be the way to go. And the pedal just seals that fact for me.

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