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Antelope Audio Announces Synergy Core

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA:  trailblazing pro audio manufacturer  Antelope Audio  is proud to formally introduce its  Synergy Core  next-generation signal processing platform — pairing up the phenomenal parallel computational capabilities of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) processing with industry-standard DSP (Digital Signal Processing), possibly freeing up any audio production-purposed host computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) while processing effects with extremely low latency — via ‘hot-rodded revamps’ of its in-demand  Real-Time FPGA FX - facilitating  Discrete 4  and  Discrete 8  audio interfaces, as of June 17 …

Antelope Audio
Discrete 4

Now named  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  and  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  — albeit respectively retaining the  ThunderboltTM & USB Interface with 4 Discrete Mic Preamps  and  ThunderboltTM & USB Interface with 8 Discrete Mic Preamps  phrasing boldly blazoned across already-familiar front facias,  Antelope Audio ’s game-changing additions to its acclaimed audio interface lineup literally give the game away. Simply speaking,  Synergy Core ’s industry-shaking introduction intentionally signals  Antelope Audio ’s objective of developing a wider range of its own effects and also collaborating with leading software developers in the industry for the benefit of all. As such, the perfectly portable — 261 mm (W) x 44 mm (H) x 208 mm (D) —  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  brings best-in-class pristine  Antelope Audio  AD/DA conversion (capturing and monitoring audio at up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution with 121dB dynamic range) and phenomenal processing power to the desktop. Dual DSP chips and an FPGA processor work together in perfect harmony to run  Antelope Audio ’s vast collection of vintage-inspired effects plug-ins plus any third-party effects joining the  Synergy Core  platform. Put it this way: with  Synergy Core  audio interfaces hosting additional effects processing via those dedicated DSP chips, computer-based recording rig stability is increased. In other words, adding a  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  or its  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  bigger brother to such recording rigs really means that DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) can make more efficient use of available CPU power to host native effects — effectively extending the lifecycle of an existing Mac or PC, so users need not (necessarily) upgrade to the latest and greatest computer specification to run all of their favourite plug-ins anytime.

As implied by that  ThunderboltTM & USB Interface with 4 Discrete Mic Preamps  phrasing,  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  offers four console-grade, discrete mic preamps, plus a total of 14 inputs (including four  LINE-1/4” JACK | MIC-XLR  combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources) and 16 outputs (including  L  and  R MONITOR  outputs and  LINE OUT  on four TRS connections) — expandable via  ADAT IN OUT  and  S/PDIF IN OUT  on TOSlink, and access to  Antelope Audio ’s unrivalled digital clocking technology through the  WC OUT 1 2  connections. Talking to Macs and PCs of course comes naturally to  Discrete 4 Synergy Core, courtesy of those ThunderboltTM and USB connections.

Antelope Audio
Discrete 4 Synergy Core

But best of all,  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  comes complete with a compelling library of 36  Real-Time FPGA FX  for free from  Antelope Audio ! Worth well over $3,000.00 USD, all are meticulously modelled after hardware originals! On top of that, 35 optional additions are also available. All are automatable within a DAW without adversely affecting CPU load, thanks to the  AFX2DAW  bridge (currently available for ThunderboltTM on macOS only), connecting the best of both worlds by effectively amalgamating  Antelope Audio ’s acclaimed FPGA modeling engine with the advantages of fast and intuitive DAW workflow with near-zero latency. The ThunderboltTM driver for Windows is, however, rated as being the third-fastest audio driver in the world (with the first two only available for PCI devices). With a price-to-performance ratio that more than compares favourably to any rival ThunderboltTM or USB audio interface available anywhere,  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  is ideal for musicians and producers needing a road-ready recording setup that holds the creative key to unlocking unprecedented power. Processing power is what the ‘full-size’ (rack-mountable)  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  is also about. Loaded, likewise, with dual DSP chips and an FPGA processor, it is perfectly positioned for mid-sized studios. Saying that,  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  is boosted beyond  Discrete 4 Synergy Core ’s consummate capabilities courtesy of eight console-grade, discrete mic preamps. Indeed, its connectivity count totals 26 inputs (including eight  LINE-1/4” JACK | MIC- XLR  combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources) and 30 outputs (including  L  and  R MONITOR  outputs and two  REAMP  outputs on TRS connections, and  LINE OUT 1-8  on a D-SUB 25 connector) — expandable via dual  ADAT  ( IN 1 OUT 1  and  IN 2 OUT 2 ) and  S/PDIF IN OUT  on TOSlink, plus a user-friendly  FOOTSWITCH  jack to speed up workflow. This time the pristine AD/DA conversion delivers a class-leading 130dB of dynamic range (on the monitor outputs). Of course, those same 36  Real-Time FPGA FX  — ranging from classic compressors to studio EQs and must-have reverbs to tube guitar amp models based on iconic vintage gear — are also included for free. So  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  constitutes a sharp set of tools to take projects from inspiration to final master, making in the box recording more attractive to both the converted and newbies.

Antelope Audio
Discrete 8 Synergy Core

Needless to say, the existing (FPGA) effects aboard  Antelope Audio ’s aptly-named, newly-announced  Discrete 4 Synergy Core  and  Discrete 8 Synergy Core  audio interfaces already ensure that recording systems are optimised out of the box by allowing audio buffer sizers to be shortened and clicks and pops to be effectively eliminated; ultimately users will also be able to take advantage of dual DSP processor-hosted effects that will be developed in the future by both  Antelope Audio  and third parties joining the  Synergy Core  platform, possibly lightening the load placed on any audio production-purposed host computer, which would be better positioned to run CPU-intensive VST (Virtual Studio Technology) synths, samplers, and native time-based effects as a result. Fusing FPGA and DSP chips in one audio interface harnessing the parallel processing power of FPGA alongside the latest generation, state-of-the-art ARM DSP chips developed for cloud computing and mobile technology — processors that deliver a faster clock rate than the DSP chips employed elsewhere in the audio interface market — makes for computing power synergies that are unique to  Antelope Audio , allowing for direct development of a greater variety of effects, including choruses, flangers, and more.  Synergy Core  is the answer and  Antelope Audio  knows that for sure!

Discrete 4 Synergy Core is already available for purchase — priced at an RRP of $999.00 USD — through Antelope Audio’s growing global network of authorised dealers ( ). Or order online directly from Antelope Audio via the dedicated Discrete 4 Synergy Core webpage ( ), which also includes more in-depth information. (Discrete 8 Synergy Core will start shipping on July 20, 2019, priced at an RRP of $1,399.00 USD.)

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